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50 Vintage STD Propaganda Posters

Wartime propaganda of the ’30s and ’40s didn’t stop at the physical enemy on the other side of the trenches. Guilt and scare tactics were common in the battle against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases within the American public … Continue reading

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The Health Benefits of Bacon (Infographic)

Who says bacon can’t be good for you? If you dig through the facts hard enough and with an empty enough stomach, the delicious truth emerges… Click to see the full size version (it’s worth it!)

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Ridiculous Vintage Quack Medical Devices

Today it seems hard to believe that anyone would take these medical devices seriously, but in decades past, a combination of scientific ignorance and hope for a magical cure-all allowed quack gadgets like these to multiply and prosper. Even today, … Continue reading

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21 Dumbest Medical Questions on Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers can be a useful source of information on health and medical issues, but like a going-out-of-business sale (or a typical afternoon at Marshalls), you have to sort through a jumbled mess of insanity to find any worthwhile nuggets. … Continue reading

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15 Crazy Examples of Bogus Medical Advice from the Past

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but in today’s health-conscious society, it’s hard to imagine a time in which these medical studies and thinly veiled ads were taken as fact.

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15 Medical Myths You Probably Believe Are True

Chances are you’ve heard all of these medical claims hundreds of times, but just because they’re an ingrained part of our society doesn’t make them true. Learning from these medical myths can save you a lot of time, effort and, … Continue reading

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Inspirational Websites for the Sick and Injured

Here’s a listing of just some of the websites available for those struggling with illnesses, injuries and other health-related ailments. They tell the inspirational personal stories of others who’ve faced the same problems, because it’s healing to know that you … Continue reading

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8 Unfair Medical Billing Practices and How to Fight Them

With healthcare costs rocketing toward the stratosphere and about 14% of Americans wandering around without health insurance, you’d expect hospitals and insurance providers to make it easier to receive reliable care. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Among the millions … Continue reading

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Beware of Medical Billing Scams

Medical billing can be a fulfilling home-based business, but not all options are equal. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prosecuted promoters of medical billing opportunities for misleading people looking to start a home billing business by misrepresenting the earnings … Continue reading

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