21 Dumbest Medical Questions on Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers can be a useful source of information on health and medical issues, but like a going-out-of-business sale (or a typical afternoon at Marshalls), you have to sort through a jumbled mess of insanity to find any worthwhile nuggets. Case in point: these 21 ridiculous questions — because the stupidity contained on Yahoo! Answers can’t be confined to 20 questions.

Why You Might Want to Avoid Seeking Medical Advice from Yahoo! Answers

Can you catch aids from sex with a chicken?


I hugged my boyfriend. Am I pregnant?


When do men start to grow their condom?


When ants start to swarm your semen, is it a sign that your blood glucose level is high and you are diabetic.?


If a vagina isn’t used can it heal up and close?


I have ate two whole tangerines in about two hours what will happen to me?


Stomping balls..can i get a ball transplant if she pops my balls??


I was bitten by a turtle when i was a young lad, can i still drink orange juice?


About how many times a day can i have sex until i break my penis?


Help! My water just broke but I need to finish watching this hilarious movie on youtube?


I am 17 and still havent had my first “period”. My sister had hers when she was 14. Takes longer since im a boy?


Will wrapping a rubber band around your testicles make them fall off without much else happening?


I think I saw a turkish mans penis? how long do I have to live?


How bad is it to drink while pregnant? how much is safe for the baby? i think i drink too much but i want some numbers. how many nights a week can i get blackout drunk without it being a retard?


Is there a pill that’ll make me gay?


OK so I am 19 and I keep throwing up for some reason. I can’t be pregnant because when me and my boyfriend had sex for the first and only time we did it in a tree and all my friends told us that we would be safe up there so that can’t be it.


Why does steam come out my vagina!!?


Girlfriend ain’t had period since she got pregnant? ok im kinda worried here since my g/f got pregnant and she isnt been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkin the blood??


How long does it take for a woman to grow testicles.?


What can you eat to get girl brests?


Only my husband can get my pregnant, right?


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