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Is Medical Billing for You?

Medical billing is a profession that requires a specific skill set and frame of mind. According to the American Medical Billing Association, here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re considering staring a medical billing business:

  • Do you have related or similar job experience?
  • Have you ever had or ran your own business before?
  • Do you have an interest in running your own business?
  • Are you a quick learner? Do you have good common sense?
  • Are you self-motivated, organized and willing to work hard?
  • Are you a self-confident person?
  • Do you feel you can you work with doctors and other healthcare professionals?
  • Do you have a business partner, or will your spouse be a partner?
  • If your spouse is going to be your partner, will that present any problems?
  • Do you have any experience related to this business? (For example, insurance or nursing.) Have you figured out how much money you will need to start and run your business?
  • How much money do you expect to earn from this business?
  • How much time are you willing to devote to this business?
  • Do you have any knowledge in any related fields like accounting or collections?
  • Are you willing to learn more either through additional training, reading or taking classes or free seminars?
  • Do you have any computer knowledge? If not, are you willing to learn?
  • Are you good at talking with people? Are you a good negotiator?
  • Are you intimidated easily? Do you fear rejection?
  • Can you accept advice and criticism from others?

If you’re considering buying a medical billing business:

  • Have you checked to make sure the company is reputable?
  • Have you gotten a report from the Better Business Bureau?
  • Did you check any references provided by the company?
  • Are getting the most products and services you can for your money?
  • Do you feel the company is on the level with you?

If you are not comfortable answering “yes” to these questions, do more research before you make a decision about undertaking a medical billing business.

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