Scientist Uses $1.3M in Grant Money on Sex Change (and other Necessities)

54-year old scientist Daniel “D.B.” Karron and her firm Computer Aided Surgery Inc. were given a $1.3 million government grant from the Department of Commerce. The money was supposed to go towards developing medical technology for uses in radiation therapy, surgical planning and manufacturing prosthetic devices. D.B. however had a better idea on how to spend that dough – surgically fashioning her penis into a vagina and buying blenders. Among other things.

Along with the sex-change and the blenders, Karron (pictured at left) also purchased “medications, psychotherapy, dental work, electrolysis, rent, track lighting for her apartment, and (other) appliances.” But you see it was all for a greater purpose. Karron also paid for a sex change for three other employees at Computer Aided Surgery.

Daniel "D.B." Karron

Daniel “D.B.” Karron

Why, you might ask? “Trannies are very good in high tech, and that’s what I did,” D.B. said adding, “It was a medical benefit.”

Oh. Of course.

Karron and her other medically enhanced super-genius transsexual scientists were caught in 2008 and Karron served a 15-month sentence at “Camp Cupcake” in West Virginia. No, we’re not making that up. It seems unfortunately that upon being released from the Cupcake, life hasn’t gotten any easier for Karron. She’s now being ordered by a Federal Judge to pay back the money – with additional fines – totaling $4M (she plans to appeal). On top of that she’s also fallen in love with a fellow inmate but the two are barred from contacting each other on the outside while on supervised release.

“You can’t be jellin’ with a felon,” Karron explained.

D.B. Karron – stealing millions of federal money (and hearts) everywhere.

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