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The field of Medical Billing and is a popular career option for medical professionals who wish to stay out of the examining room. This administrative career path involves handling sensitive patient data and treatment information and working with insurance carriers. Medical Billers may work from a hospital office, or may be employed from home.

Medical Billing Schools is an online career and education resource for professionals and students in medical insurance billing, medical coding and medical records analysis. Here you can explore popular Medical Billing schools, or do a quick search to see schools by state or by zip code. Explore job descriptions, salary figures and other helpful articles to see what this industry holds for you.

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Medical Billing schools focus on basic medical subjects, as well as the specific skills needed to code and work with medical records.
With schools and colleges offering affordable training programs through campuses and online programs nationwide, finding the right program for you is easy.
In this section: Find out about training details, learn what to look for in a Medical Billing school, and explore our suggested schools.

Articles & Additional Info

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Browse our catalogue of articles on medical insurance billing careers and education to get a better idea of what this unique, lucrative field holds for you.
In this section: Learn how to start an at-home Medical coding and billing business, see the difference between Billing and Coding, and decide if this is the career path for you.

Medical Billing & Coding Careers

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Medical Billing & Coding is a popular career choice for medical professionals who enjoy the administrative side of healthcare over patient care.
Coding treatment information and communicating with insurance carriers is a vital part of a healthcare operation, and one of the only positions that does not involve patient contact.
In this section: Explore the Medical Billing and Coding career path with information about Medical Billing employment and Medical Coding, and see if this is the right career path for you.

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